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Why supporting the antiviral research

The challenge posed on the one hand by the spread of HIV (nearly 4,000 people are infected every year only in Italy) and on the other by the reduction of public funds intended for medical and scientific research, leads us to consider how we can effectively continue fighting against this and other similar virus-related diseases. In the past few years, the italian scientific community reached international quality levels in the research context. However, its efforts and studies are faced with the problem of continuing developing basic research to contrast these diseases or otherwise risking to nullify the goals already achieved. This would have serious negative impacts on the most vulnerable social groups (not only in our country).

Supporting the Aviralia Foundation means concretely contributing to the italian biomedical research’s efforts and commitments aimed at fighting against and eradicating these insidious and socially dramatic diseases.

One small gesture which can change a sick person’s life.

How to contribute to the antiviral research development.

Donations and charitable contributions.

A concrete way to support the Aviralia Foundation’s research programs consist in making a donation or a charitable contribution under a personal name or a corporation, as follows:

I contributi destinati alla Fondazione sono fiscalmente deducibili entro i limiti previsti dalla legislazione tributaria vigente. Per usufruire di tale deducibilità il contribuente dovrà conservare e allegare alla propria Dichiarazione dei Redditi il documento attestante il versamento effettuato (per es.: contabile bancaria, estratto conto, vaglia postale). Non è ammessa la deducibilità per i contributi versati in contanti.