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The Aviralia Foundation’s main institutional tasks include promoting and supporting initiatives for events, meetings and seminars organized with qualified experts and researchers, both Italian and foreign, aimed at an exchange, at comparisons and updates on topics of scientific interest for the Foundation.

For this purpose, the Foundation’s support activities are not limited to only sponsoring these events, but also and primarily to funding (by granting research prizes and/or contributions for participating in the events) research and studies, as well as qualifying and professionally enriching young Italian researchers attending these events.

Below are listed the main conferences/events/seminars for which the Foundation’s sponsorship and/or support was requested in the last few years.

Italian Conference on AIDS and Retroviruses (ICAR)

This conference that is regularly held in Italy has represented for years the most important scientific meeting for analysis, state-of-the-art, and for an exchange among Italian and foreign experts in many key issues of basic, clinical and epidemiologic research for AIDS. The last editions focused on a scientific debate on the results obtained in immunology and pathogenic aspects, on long-term impacts of antiretroviral therapy in conditioning strategy and pharmacologic choices and on novelties regarding treatment of chronic viral hepatitis.

ICAR (ediz. 2011)
Firenze, 27-29/03/2011
ICAR (ediz. 2012)
Napoli, 10-12/06/2012
ICAR (ediz. 2014)
Roma, 25-27/05/2014


Inflammation and Chronic Hepatitis/HIV Infections: Who Is the Driver?

This international workshop. Which will be held in Milan next January 2014, is a one and half day meeting structured with invited lectures and oral communications of original research presented by experts in the field of inflammation, especially in the settings of HIV infection and chronic hepatitis.

Milan, 2014/01/30-31


Advanced Course in HIv iLLnESs" (A.C.HI.LL.ES.).

Thanks to the presence and participation of a group of well-known international experts, this event (workshop) provides a detailed overview of the more recent developments and of medical research guidelines for HIV. The event provides a valuable possibility for young clinicians and Italian researchers to share their studies and their level of medical knowledge interacting with one another and directly communicating with a high level international team of experts.

ACHILLES (ediz. 2012)
Siracusa, 12-14/04/2012
ACHILLES (ediz. 2013)
S. Stefano di Sessanio (AQ), 18-20/04/2013


HIV Cure and Eradication: a Feasible Option?

This international workshop will discuss two main topics:

Milano, 24-25/01/2013


HIV, Cells of Macrophage/Dendritic Lineage, and Other Reservoirs: Pathogenic and Therapeutic Implications.

This international workshop (organized every three years and now at its 8th edition) is a multi-disciplinary meeting for presenting advanced research and networking with experts in the scientific area regarding cells of macrophage and dendritic lineage. These are reservoirs for HIV infection that can act as sites for viral persistence and are capable of carrying out an important role in specific aspects of the pathogenesis.

Stresa, 10-12/05/2012