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The Foundation’s objectives and role.

Aviralia Foundation’s primary and basic purpose and commitment are to support and develop medical and scientific research in Italy in the sector of virus-related diseases. Along with scientific programs carried out with the Foundation’s own funds, we also promote and/or participate in forging scientific agreements with public and private bodies (in Italy and abroad) that share our sensibility and commitment toward increasing knowledge in the pathogenic, diagnostic, therapeutic and prevention areas of virus-related diseases.

In addition to more strictly scientific research, the Foundation also particularly focuses on promoting educational and training activities, with the objective of developing and increasing an adequate medical and professional awareness and a more widespread health culture within a particularly sophisticated field (with profound and globalized social consequences) as the viral studies sector.

Ongoing interest areas of scientific activities.

On the basis of the guidelines identified by its Scientific Committee, the Aviralia Foundation’s scientific interests principally concern the study of the most clinically important human viruses such as the immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the hepatitis ‘B’ virus (HBV) and hepatitis ‘C’ virus (HCV). These viruses have an extraordinary genetic variability, have the capacity to quickly modify their genoma, becoming more resistant to medication and preventing an immune response. These characteristics reduce the effectiveness of anti-viral treatment and often accelerate the disease’s progression.

Studies based on applying new sophisticated biotechnology aimed at identifying the virus and sequencing its entire genoma are particularly important. These studies allow opening a window for understanding the virus’s development and its capability to escape from our immune system, enabling us to assess how they resist the attack of the human body’s defenses.

Along with research initially conducted on the HIV virus – lethal for humankind’s immune system cells – the Foundation has also been focusing for some years on studies regarding the dangerous and widespread hepatitis ‘B’ virus (HBV) and hepatitis ‘C virus’ (HCV), to better understand the mechanisms through which these types of viruses determine a rapid progression towards forms of liver pathologies that can often be serious and lethal.

Research support activities: present and future.

The Aviralia Foundation immediately undertook a financial effort in supporting basic scientific research, firmly convinced that developing knowledge plays a key role and represents the fundamental basis for developing effective therapeutic strategies in virus-related human diseases.

In line with these fundamental principles, during its first three years of activity (2010-2012), the Aviralia Foundation invested over 250,000 Euros to financially support biomedical research in virology, supporting young researchers through contracts for specific study projects, study grants and funding Ph.D. programs with universities.

Research support activities: present and future

Based on the positive results obtained up to now, the Foundation’s Scientific Committee has set its program of initiatives for the next three years (2013-2015) essentially reconfirming, on one hand, the previously stated guidelines, and on the other, maintaining its commitment and financial effort guaranteed for research and for other Foundation objectives.