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Partnership agreement with the University ‘Tor Vergata’ of Rome.

An important framework agreement (Convention) has been signed more than three years ago between the Aviralia Foundation and the University ‘Tor Vergata’ of Rome for conducting research and post-graduate training in biomedical research.

More specifically, the agreement with the Department of Experimental Medicine and Biochemical Sciences (now renamed Department of Experimental Medicine and Surgery) is based on some key points that can be currently considered as the basis of effective types of collaboration between key national and public research centers (such as a University) and ‘private’ organizations outside universities aimed at promoting and improving medical and scientific knowledge like Aviralia Foundation. Both bodies are interested in developing the professional skills of scholars and of young researchers in specific areas of scientific investigation (mainly in the field of virology).

The key aspects of these types of collaboration are:

Signed in July 2010, the Convention has been renewed in 2013 for additional five years by mutual agreement between the Parties, not only based on the positive results achieved so far, but also thanks to the Foundation having fully met the purposes and goals originally established.