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At the time of the Foundation’s establishment, the initial endowment fund contributed by the founding members for initiating and pursuing its social goals was € 160 thousands. During his first three years of activity, the assets have gradually increased reaching the current value of € 615 thousands (Financial Statement as of 2012/12/31).

This achievement is the result of the efforts and of the economic and financial management of the social activities implemented over time by the Foundation’s Board of Directors. This body has always devoted particular attention to the need on the one hand of standardizing the funding and operation of research initiatives and, on the other, of gradually consolidating the Foundation’s assets. All this was carried out with the aim of expanding the Foundation’s scientific activities and making a greater effort in reaching its institutional goals.

As of the Foundation’s establishment and in order to achieve its complete and transparent economic and financial management, the Board of Directors, decided to draft the Foundation’s financial statements according to the "Guidelines and schemes for the preparation of financial statements of Nonprofit Organizations”, published by the Agency for non-profit organizations (February 2009).